Students take to streets to protest against fee rises

28th October 2010 By Alice Lighton

Hundreds of students gathered in Oxford this afternoon to demonstrate against planned rises in university tuition fees.

The protest had originally been planned to coincide with the visit of Business Secretary Vince Cable. Cable pulled out of a seminar at Exam Schools yesterday, but the demonstration went ahead as planned.

OUSU council voted yesterday to officially support the protest against the findings of the Browne Review.

In a change to the original route along High Street and past Exam Schools, demonstrators marched from Broad Street to the Rad Cam, before listening to speeches from a member of the City Council and a member of the NUS exec.

But later, after police attempted to stop protesters returning along Cornmarket Street, a few hundred students marched to Exam Schools, stopping rush-hour traffic.

One student at the protest said: “I wouldn’t have been able to go to Oxford if the fees were what the government is proposing.”

An OUSU officer urged demonstrators to join students from across the country in protesting in London on November 10th. “It’s fantastic to see so many people here,” she said.

Students working in Brasenose library seemed unimpressed by the disruption the protesters caused, holding pieces of paper out of the window with “More Cuts” scrawled across in large letters.

PHOTO/Gerard Vong
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