Tribute paid to injured Jesus student

7th April 2012 By Jonathan Tomlin

Jesus students have paid tribute to an injured 2nd year, who plunged 25ft from a balcony in Costa Brava.

Engineer Luke Parry suffered severe head injuries after he misjudged a jump between two balconies around 4am on Monday.

Parry was on holiday with friends in Costa Brava at a festival, organised by Sports Travel International, when the accident occurred.

Doctors placed Parry in an induced coma, though friends claim he will be woken up within the next twenty four hours. He is understood to be in a stable condition.

According to the Daily Mail, the accident was connected to a craze known as “balconing”, where participants jump from one balcony to another or to a swimming pool.

However a friend said: “The idea that he was ‘balconing’ is inaccurate; he was trying to get back in to his apartment. He was locked out of his room, or the guy he was in a room with had the other key.”

“Knowing him personally…he is not the sort of person to act recklessly. Basically it could happen to anyone…it was a short distance, and he just slipped and fell,” they added.

Another friend of Parry said: “The Daily Mail article made false claims and is inaccurate, both about the drinking and what he was doing beforehand.

“Though not surprising, it is terrible that they do not care about what has happened.”

A friend also said that Parry had stopped drinking two or three hours before the accident. The space between the two balconies was reportedly only about one foot, and Parry just slipped.

Parry’s friends and family have showed their support via the Facebook group “Get Better Soon Luke”.

One family member also stated that recent press speculation was “grossly inaccurate”.

A spokesman for the Catalan police force said: “We were called at 4am to reports a British student had fallen from a second-storey balcony at the Bolero Park apartments. He was taken to hospital by ambulance.

“Witnesses said he had been trying to jump from one balcony to another, misjudged the jump and fell to the floor.”

The fall happened at Bolero Park apartments, a four-storey block with 120 rooms.

The festival Lloretfest hosts 1,200 students every year from more than 20 universities.

Ashley Gowing, the owner of Sports Travel International, said: “We understand he was attempting to climb from the next door balcony back to his own when he fell. Our thoughts and prayers are with Luke and his family at this very distressing time and we are doing everything we practically can to assist them.

“After learning the news, I did fly out to Spain and met with Luke’s family whilst I was there, and my colleagues and I all sincerely hope that Luke makes a full recovery very soon.”

A spokesman for Oxford University said: “The thoughts of Luke’s many friends and acquaintances at Oxford are with him at this time.”