Screen Lover’s Guide: Apps

Screen Lover’s Guide: Apps

15th February 2017 By Obianuju Enworom

Loving films and television can be a full time job. To get your screen fix on the go, here are some mobile apps you will definitely want to check out.

Platforms to watch movies | “not just Netflix”


Despite the title of this section, I had to include it. Plus, Netflix now offers a feature whereby you can download content for offline viewing.

Pro Tip: If you are like me, you are mildly peeved that Netflix caters your home screen to what it thinks you want to watch, because this might be limiting your exposure to different, interesting content. To access Netflix’s bizarrely specific subgenre collection, adjust your URL. Netlfix URLs to browse genres are structured like so: The “###” is where the specific genre code goes. For example, if your fix is “Deep Sea Horror Movies” (code: 45028), then use the url For a full list of Netflix category codes, visit

iTunes / Google Play

Depending on whether you are an iOS or Android user, iTunes and Google Play respectively provide relatively new content for purchase or rent

Amazon Prime Instant Video

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you also have access to countless films and TV series through Amazon Prime Instant Video, including Amazon originals like “Transparent” and “Mozart in the Jungle”.


Crackle allows users to stream content for free, including original series like “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”

Apps to catalogue movies | “For when you’re trying to remember ‘that movie’ that ‘that actor’ was in”


While most of us use IMBd to settle fights with friends or figure out the name of that actor that is on the tip of your tongue, the IMDb app has some other useful features. The trivia section of films is perhaps one of the most fascinating parts. Interesting trivia from various interviews and press releases is compiled all in one place for your enjoyment. IMDb also features articles, movie lists, photo galleries, and industry news.

Pro Tip: If you log in with your IMDb account, you can add films that have yet to be released to your watch list. When these films come to cinemas, IMDb will send you an email

Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

With Movies by Flixster, you can browse films, watch trailers, get Rotten Tomatoes scores, and bookmark upcoming films


Letterboxd calls itself a “social network for film lovers”. You can see what your friends are watching, browse films, and create watch lists

iTunes Movie Trailer App

This app is for the trailer-loving film buff.  You can watch trailers for upcoming titles; see a calendar of upcoming releases; view charts for the most popular, highest rated, or highest grossing films; find cinemas near you; and add films to your favorites list.

Intelligent content about films and the industry | “step aside TMZ”

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter provides entertainment news, video content (award roundtables and film festival interviews), photo galleries, and film/ TV analyses.

Pro Tip: The roundtable discussion videos released during award season are some of the best things to happen to someone interested in the film industry.


With the Variety app, you have access to film/ TV reviews, photo galleries, articles about the industry, and video content (interviews, Variety’s “Actors On Actors” series, behind the scenes clips).

Movie recommendations |”Because you watched ‘Up’ you might be interested in ‘Gravity'”


This app has an interface similar to Tinder. Swipe to right and decide if you “like”, “love”, or “dislike” a title. Based on these indicated preferences, MightyTV provides you with movie and TV recommendations. You can add films and TV shows that interest you to your watch list. The more you indicate preferences, the more tailored to you the recommendations become.

For the cinema experience | “More than scratch and sniff”

This app is for every time you have opted for the large drink at the cinema. tells you when the best times to head to the restroom are to avoid missing key scenes in the film you are watching. There is a timer that will alert you with a vibration to let you know when a break is approaching. The app will even provide a synopsis of what you missed while you were away.