Oldie of The Week: ‘After Midnight’, J. J. Cale (1966)

Oldie of The Week: ‘After Midnight’, J. J. Cale (1966)

25th May 2017 By Madeleine Taylor

Oldie of The Week 19/05/17: ‘After Midnight’, J.J. Cale (1966)

J.J. Cale is perhaps the most criminally underrated bluesman of the 20th century, and ‘After Midnight’ is the perfect introduction to his distinctive style, which has been (badly) imitated ever since. J.J. Cale takes life at a slow pace, which is becoming particularly appealing as 5th week dawns. His laconic, almost whispered vocals are combined with down-to-earth piano and rhythm guitar instrumentals to give us sex, soul, and fun – He doesn’t try to cram too much into the song, leaving it in state of sparse beauty. Take the chance to listen to ‘After Midnight’ in its original, rolling and rambling elegance, rather than Eric Clapton’s up-tempo butchery (Clapton fans, come @ me).

‘After midnight

We’re gonna let it all hang out

After midnight

Gonna shake your tambourine

After midnight, it’s gonna be peaches and cream hmm

We’re gonna cause talk and suspicion

Give an exhibition

Find out what it is all about’.