Author: Ilana Masad

7th March 2013

It’s alive!

By Merlin Seller

Pottery is perhaps the most durable form of art – our oldest record of long lost cultures – it comes…

16th February 2013

Liz Bennet vlogs

By Shirley Halse

Pride and Prejudice is a 19th century classic. It conjures images of young ladies in unflatteringly high-waisted full-length dresses, drawn…

8th February 2013

Football & txts

By Jack Flowers

Love him or loathe him, Joey Barton says some extraordinary things. Aside from the bizarre twitter tirade last week against…

4th February 2013

Versatile Versifiers

By Ilana Masad

On 31st January, Thursday evening, the Oxford Poetry Society – soon to be, by permission of proctors and paperwork, the…

25th January 2013

Right Round the Corner

By Yhudit

“Sorry. Stinky, get down. He’s got this chemical stuff all over him, you know, the flea stuff. Look, I’m sorry.”…