Category: Food

1st May 2015

Paneer biryani

By Jamie Russell

Home-cooked curries don’t need to be difficult. This biryani is a delicious veggie (or vegan, see variations) meal which can…

26th February 2015

Thought for Food: Gee’s

By Marcus Li

Rarely can a conservatory showcase such sophistication. Somehow, Gee’s manages to transform the otherwise humble into a rather cosy, refined…

19th February 2015

Thought for food

By Marcus Li

This week, Will and I ventured to a hidden slice of Thailand, unbeknownst to many students behind the enchanted gardens…

12th February 2015

Thought for Food

By Rosie Shennan

My feelings towards Quod have always been ones of unshakeable ambivalence. Previous experiences include a cheese soufflé that melts your…