Category: Science and Technology

7th September 2012

Illegal Aliens: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview

By John Glanville

This year has been one of sequels, for all sorts of reasons – major publishers have achieved a coup with…

In multiplayer, it's a free choice for players to compose their teams of any units from the game - aliens and XCOM alike/
17th August 2012

Touchdown confirmed: Curiosity arrives safely on Mars

By William Nash

There were many relieved looks on the faces of scientists and engineers monitoring the delivery of NASA’s latest robotic explorer…

The Mars Science Laboratory is on a mission to determine if Mars is, or was ever, able to support microbial life/Science Photo Library
16th August 2012

Horror Games, Impossible Architecture, and the Overlook Hotel

By John Glanville

The horror genre is something of the red-headed stepchild in games: genre conventions from film and literature are near-intrinsically subverted…

This Big Daddy is confused because he just appeared in a room with no obvious entrance except the one you just came through. It's alright though, he doesn't have a life to get on with. He's a complicated prop in an interactive theatre. / Interactive
15th August 2012

Gamescom: failures and vapourware

By John Glanville

High priest of nerdom John Glanville brings you the inside track on the future of gaming from this year’s Gamescom…

gamescom 2012 is upon us and it all starts today (14th) with the EA Media Briefing at 4pm local time (3pm UK, 10am ET, 7am PT) where we’ll get to see FIFA 13 in action/
6th August 2012

Life on Mars – Curiosity wants to know the odds

By Saranja Sivachelvam

Despite the slight possibility of incurring the wrath of a Roman War God, humans have been very, very curious about…

Curiosity is 3m long, and at the size of a family car, it is NASA's largest rover yet and tried and tested means of landing on the planet are not sufficient to cushion the rover on impact/Science Photo Library
6th August 2012

Can the good guys get one step ahead?

By Aqil Taiyeb

A world without crime, a world where the bad guys are always caught, a world where the good guys are…

Straight out of a sci-fi film: can this software catch the bad guys before they commit the crime?
3rd August 2012

In Praise of the Videogame B-Side

By John Glanville

Last year saw one of the biggest multiformat releases ever, in the form of Portal 2 – 360, PS3 and…

Would a game about nazi zombies have sold? Maybe. Would it have sold as well as Black Ops? A question for the ages / James O'Donnell/Activision Blizzard