Category: Music

30th November 2010

Kanye’s Best?

By Alex Kealy

James Benge finds that Pitchfork is only overexcited by 11.1111% in its 10.0 rating of Kanye West’s new album

25th November 2010

Interview: Echo & The Bunnymen

By Alex Kealy

James Benge talks to Will Sergeant of Echo & The Bunnymen about their forthcoming retrospective tour. He manages, somehow, not to mention Ian McCulloch’s likening of Liverpool FC’s owners to rapists (check the internet).

24th November 2010

Interview: Tinie Tempah

By James Benge

James Benge discovers the answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask Mr Tempah, including whether he has visited Scunthorpe (he hasn’t, just so you know).

18th November 2010

Broken Promise

By Alex Kealy

David Knapp assesses the pros and cons of a bewildering selection of Springsteen re-issues.

18th November 2010

Third Strike & Out

By Alex Kealy

Hannah McKay sees Tinchy Stryder drift to a more American sound. It’s a poor choice, redeemed to an extent by a few quality tracks.