17th February 2011

Young Academics

By Emily Belton

Tom Moyser talks to four young Oxford academics to find out the truth about being a small fish in a large pond.

12th February 2011

Video: The Royal Wedding

By Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato

Our country is constantly buzzing with news about the upcoming royal wedding. But, despite so much media attention to William and Kate’s future marital bliss, how do Oxford students feel about the ordeal?

10th February 2011

Podcast: We’re Not So Different, You And I…

By Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato

It’s an attempt to group some of the Film Team’s favourite movies together around a weekly theme. The picks might seem like an unlikely match, but listen closely for the common element. After all, “Gone With The Wind” and “Saving Private Ryan” are both about wars, right? They’ll cover concepts that those on staff believe make us human: revenge, jealousy, friendship and fighting-Nazis-whilst protecting-archaeological-treasures.

10th February 2011

A Dream Play

By Catherine Higgins

A Dream Play Oxford Playhouse Wed Feb 16th-19th Tickets: £9.50-14.50 5 Stars August Strindberg’s A Dream Play, directed by Griffith…

10th February 2011

Seneca’s Medea

By Drama Team

Medea BT Studio Tues-Sat 9:30pm Tickets: £5- £6 “An assault” is how director Helen Slaney chose to describe her play,…