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15th November 2014

Review: Nightcrawler

By Tom Roles

The glittering lights of night-time LA provide the backdrop to the opening credits of Nightcrawler; as dawn arrives, the city’s landscape…

10th November 2014

Review: Interstellar

By Tom Roles

Set in the near future, Interstellar predicts the effects of humankind’s rapacious materialism: raging dust storms tear through the land, crop yields…

22nd December 2013

Capitol Couture

By Fred Shan

“Dude, have you seen the new Hunger Games?” “Yeah it was amazing, what did you think of it?” Such was…

31st October 2013

Wanted: Bearded Men

By News Team

A film company has been seeking bearded extras this week to take part in a new production of Thomas Hardy’s…