Tag: Racism

5th July 2014

‘Black Bond’?

By Jonny Payne

“I’ve always detested the phrase ‘Black Bond,’ I just don’t understand it.” So spoke Idris Elba in reply to the…

9th August 2013

Bloom-ing Idiotic

By Georgia Luscombe

Georgia Luscombe tells us why Godfrey Bloom’s ‘Bongo Bongo’ comments were not only insensitive, they also demonstrated how naive the UKIP mindset is when it comes to foreign aid.

31st July 2012

Big Fat Gypsy lies

By Amy Addison-Dunne

An interview with Bridget Deadman, who appeared on ‘Thelma’s Gypsy Girls’ (Channel 4), conducted by Amy Addison-Dunne, offer-holder at Ruskin…