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28th January 2015

Review: Richard Parker

By William Shaw

✮✮✮✮ Imagine Life of Pi as written by Steven Moffat. Brutal, metafictional and hugely entertaining, Richard Parker balances a razor-sharp…

23rd January 2015

The Inter-vue

By Harriet Fry

The Revue’s Audreys are back this term. The comedy nights run by the Oxford Revue are going to take place…

3rd December 2014

Review: The Country

By Harriet Fry

✮✮✮ Hypnotist Theatre’s latest theatrical offering The Country is a tale of underlying tensions and untold secrets. The play opens…

27th November 2014

Review: Assassins

By Sneha Alexander

✮✮✮✮✮ Through the stripes of a craftily constructed American flag, suits loom on a multi-levelled rostrum as lighting throws the…

17th November 2014

Preview: Assassins

By Helena Wilson

Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins is set to arrive at the O’Reilly with a bang in 7th week. First performed off-Broadway in…