On 21st September, the Home Office announced that it was inviting prospective bidders to visit the Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre on the 29th September, with a mind to reopen the centre in order to detain male asylum seekers. They were met by a protest by local campaigners of the Coalition to Keep Campsfield Closed, who held signs reading “Shame of profits made from misery” and “Local people say no to Campsfield”. This decision comes as part of a plan […]...


It is the longest summer of your life. The beginning of your life. Everything else has been leading up to this point. It is the limbo period. Family and friends have whispered that so and so is applying to Oxford, but you’d never actually thought you could do it. And now the offer is in, the grades are being calculated and there’s nothing you can do to stop results day hurtling towards you at full speed. When you get into […]...


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