Formula One entered a new era in 2022. Having waved goodbye to the turbo-hybrid years, this season saw significant regulation changes that led to a whole new look and design for the cars. It was Red Bull and Max Verstappen who adapted best, with the Dutchman comfortably claiming his second drivers’ title. After a marathon 22 race season, here are the assessments, team-by-team.    Red Bull gives you wings? It was a brilliant season for the Austrian outfit, as they […]...
Bosnian Genocide
Content Warning: mention of war, rape, islamophobia Smajo BeÅ¡o OBE, academic and the founder and chair of the Bosnian Genocide Education Trust was in Oxford on Holocaust Memorial Day to share his experiences of persecution in the Bosnian war and rebuilding as a refugee. Born in Bosnia a few years before the outbreak, his testimony reveals a sharp shift from the religious tolerance of his early childhood, to living in a warzone, facing starvation and seeing atrocities committed against family and […]...


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