Writing under the nom de plume George Sand, Aurore Dupin was not only an extraordinarily prolific author but also a woman who led an extraordinary life, boldly flouting the gender expectations of her day. Séverine Vidal’s graphic novel George Sand: True Genius, True Woman (French title: George Sand, fille du siècle), illustrated by Kim Consigny, presents her fascinating life story in an accessible format for audiences from the French-speaking world and beyond – the latter thanks to Edward Gauvin’s recent […]...
A drawn image of Oxford at night insomnia sleep rest
The term is drawing to a close, and all I want is to draw myself into a ball and have a nap. This isn’t new, nor does it have anything to do with the end of term, it’s a constant state of being. What can I say I’m constantly tired and don’t get enough rest. Can you blame me?


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