From the costume to the set design, each aspect of the performance seems to meta-theatrically revel in its own ridiculousness. The entire show is saturated with sex and sophomoric humour; in the first act eels wearing harnesses slide onto the stage, Ursula’s surname is revealed to be ‘Squirts’, and you can even pick up a tote bag with the slogan ‘Sucking On You’ after the show, if you fancy it.
People in a club setting with hands in the air.
Atik. The hot, crowded, pushy centre of student nightlife in Oxford. It is entirely probable that I have spent more time in Atik than I have in lectures. With the recent announcement that Atik will be closing in June, there is real cause for concern about the Oxford nightlife. In such an intense environment, it is natural for students to worry about the closure of some of the most popular places to blow off steam and forget about assignments. The […]...


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