Over 150 students at the University of Oxford have signed an open letter to Pro Vice Chancellor Martin Williams. The letter asks him to retract a letter sent to The Telegraph and apologise to students. Williams’ letter, sent on 18th May, expressed disapproval of a recent Student Union (SU) motion to cut financial ties with the Oxford Union (OU), and emphasised the importance of free speech. The motion, passed on Tuesday 9th May 2023, cited concerns over alleged bullying, sexual […]...
Digital diplomacy, a rapidly evolving field, is reshaping global interactions. Drawing on the insights given by Dr Corneliu Bjola and Dr Jennifer Cassidy at the Oxford Diplomatic Society’s recent “Digital Diplomacy: A New Era in Advancing Foreign Policy” event, I will explore the past, present, and future of Digital Diplomacy. Through this article, I present my view on the trajectory of digital diplomacy. Its promising future hinges on our collective ability to shape it positively. We need to focus on […]...


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