Thespionage: Week 3

Well, it looks like this week we’ll be talking about one of my personal favourite topics: obscenity!

And, egad, my dears, isn’t there such a glorious tidal wave of filth heading our way this term.

For a start there’s the hilariously debauched version of Measure for Measure: a transformation from Shakespeare’s comedy to Matt Monaghan’s dark, edgy production.

It’s good to see new takes on classics, but coupled with The Bloody Chamber, one can’t help but be a little worried. Matt, is there anything you want to talk about? Sit down on the couch and tell me about your mother. Anyway, we’ll need to see if this is all mouth and (hopefully) no trousers.

On the checklist of twisted, though, it doesn’t sound like there’s any nudity, in which case, the rumour goes that Pool (No Water) has the twisted Mf M slightly beat. A topless scene? In Oxford drama? Scandal!

We’ve also got Helen Slaney’s production of Shakespeare’s answer to Tarantino: Titus Andronicus. In a slight twist, Titus and Marcus will be played by women. Would it be misogynistic to suggest that this might end with a very well made pie? Corpus Auditorium are apparently worried about the blood. They absolutely should be.

One wouldn’t expect Uncle Vanya to join this parade of vulgarity, but word on the dirty grapevine is that lead man, Tim Smith-Laing, has quite the dirty mind. And mouth. And everything else, apparently. For shame…

Back in the clean world, Richard O’Brien (no, the other one) has his musical autobiography hitting stages, full of love for that sexy, sexy Rad Cam.

We also have a piece of good news: apparently The Alchemist managed to perform at the Alchemist’s Ball in Keble, despite originally being denied permission because it’s not actually about alchemy. Unlike the ball, obviously, which was up to the eyeballs in transmutation. Some say they were able to turn common lead into precious funk!

Oh, and I’ve got another joke for you. What’s the difference between this column and The Butterfly’s Evil Spell? This column has an ending.