CrystalBalls Week 4

Portsmouth didn’t win the FA Cup, which came as surprise to a particularly stupid writer, who shall remain Steve Dempsey.

Other, less stupid writers, had the winner right, but Portsmouth didn’t score any own goals, and Chelsea only scored one.

This week, the team turns their eyes to the World Cup squad.

Stephen Bush: Darren Bent to go to South Africa
The Sunderland man has never failed at a club and has an impressive goal-scoring record. He’s also in better form than his rival Defoe.

Josh Davis: Tom Huddlestone to survive the cut
With his daisy-cutter of a left foot and thoughtful play in midfield, Tom should be on the plane.

Sam Rabinowitz: Scott Parker to make the squad
Single handedly steered West Ham clear of relegation, showing a cool head, leadership and a cracking shot. A valuable asset if used correctly.

Steve Dempsey: Dawson & King to be on the plane
»4/7 & 1/12
One of the sturdiest pairings in the Premier League and in dazzling form over the last few months. Both deserve a spot and with Ferdinand susceptible to injury, it’s a no-brainer.

John Terry: Bridge to take his place in the squad
He’s way better than Cole and I reckon he’ll return with a vengeance…