Letters to the Editor

Dear Editors,

I would like to vehemently disagree with Alice Fletcher’s article Apple Overrated that appeared on page 14 of last week’s OxStu.

Fletcher argues that Macs do not have extra student-friendly features in comparison to a PC, but come at a higher price tag. She is wrong: Macs come with integrated movie, website and music-making programmes; smart systems of photo and music organisation and are less virus-prone than PCs.

Secondly, Fletcher’s argument is incredibly narrow-minded: she claims that students don’t need phones but to text, call and use the internet. This is not true; Apps have shown them the quickest way to come to Oxford when the train was redirected, provided them with the latest news and acted as their travel guides. This is not possible on any other smartphones.

Fletcher has herself enjoyed using Apple products (the Photobooth application) during St Hilda’s Ball – if she thought Apple was overrated, she wouldn’t have used it.

Hypocritical much?

–Marta Szcerba


Dear Editors,

I attended the Corpus Christi Tortoise Fair on Sunday, and I must say it was a treat.

Even the unrelenting drive of rain could not detract from the beauty of those graceful beasts, gliding through the lawn to achieve the reptilian nirvana of becoming the champion of the Corpus Tortoise Race.

I recommend this event to all other finalists bent on procrastination (and hyperbole).

–Charlie Boon