Students requested to register “Intent to trash”

A Junior Dean at St. John’s College has requested that students “register the “intent to trash” so that college officials can limit trouble caused during post-exam celebrations, according to the minutes of a 9th May JCR meeting.

Joanna Howe, a Junior Dean of St. John’s, indicated she wanted to know when trashings were likely to happen so pressure could be taken off the porters in dealing with incidents “when an excessive amount of alcohol has been consumed.”

The idea was originally raised in a Joint Council Meeting attended by the Junior and Senior Deans, as well as JCR Vice-President Geraint Jones and JCR Secretary Caroline Pendleton.

Pendleton said: “It was raised when the Junior Deans heard that both final exams and prelims were subject to trashings. A few ideas regarding celebrations procedures were put forward, one of which was that the Junior Deans should be made aware of when people will be finishing their exams.”

She added: “However, it was decided that the old protocol of having one lawn in college where trashings can occur was sufficient.”

Junior Dean Luke Pike, who was not present at the JCR meeting, said: “To quote the JCR minutes directly misrepresents the view of the Junior Deans. No such directive has ever been issued by this office.”

JCR President Martha MacKenzie said the point had been raised at a JCR meeting simply to gauge opinion.

“This was raised as a discussion point at the Joint Council meeting by Joanna the Junior Dean; no directive was issued,” she said.

Despite repeated attempts to make contact, Joanna Howe was unavailable for comment.

The Junior Dean’s proposal is indicative of the University’s tough stance on preventing trouble from arising during post-exam celebrations this term.

The code of conduct for exams reminds students that a minimum fine of £80 could be incurred if students “use waterpistols” or throw anything including “champagne, glitter and confetti.”