The Librarian: Week 4

Will the nice guy finish last?

This Librarian has been waiting with twitchy fingers and hairy palms for the slate hopping, skipping and jumping to begin and has finally been delivered the goods.

We’ve had Unionites bouncing like fleas away from dear little Lord Chamberlain to Zara’s slate, preferring her luscious locks of political manoeuvring to William’s tufts of mediocre hackery.

Though as McGlone’s mean men and Langman’s band of loathsome losers do Presidential battle, Chamberlain prefers to race tortoises. Slow and steady, etc?

Apple is watching you

The Librarian has always favoured her Hackberry over the inferior iPhone, and now has proof that Apple is evil.

Last week, one of our staff writers innocently authored a slightly sarcastic comment piece, suggesting that Apple products were just a bit overrated.

The poor girl was not aware she had strayed into the territory of one who incurs the grand title of Apple Campus Rep. Who dares incur her wrath?

Said rep thus uncovered the deepest of hypocrisies, that our writer had once had a photo taken with Apple’s PhotoBooth application.

An email was sent chastising her for her article and telling her off for using an Apple PhotoBooth. Given she has never met Apple’s spy, doesn’t know who she is, and definitely didn’t go on a photo shoot with her, it was more than a little weird.

Potential technology insulters of Oxford watch out – Apple is watching you!