Underrated/Overrated: Time – Underrated

Life’s too short – heard all the time, but truth can always be found in the old sayings. Time’s great, it’s a healer, it swallows up memories and lack of it gives us ‘the fear’. But why exactly is life too short?

It’s because we never manage to get everything done that we wanted to. There are always more places we should have been, people we should have met, languages we should have learned, lessons we should have learned. It can’t be long enough, ever.

The list of expectations imposed by society that we misinterpret as personal goals and set ourselves grows frighteningly, year by year. And all not in line with the longer lives we’re supposedly living.

Life has become far too much of a rat race to the finish. Whichever way we face, we’re told we need to do better – become prettier, smarter and richer.

Graduate, marry and start a family. Homes and cars are a must. This is where time comes in. Life’s not an examination; we don’t have a set amount of it to do a set amount of things.

Lifespans vary and, to keep things spicy, we could be hit by a bus at any time. Here we have our get-out clause: we needn’t feel pressurised to jump through hoops that we might never get to see.

Time is precious; instead of ticking boxes, we should be using it to pursue our real hopes and dreams.

Nothing should stop us from seeing that African sunset, career or otherwise. Despite a global environment in which reaching 200 looks achievable, we are only prolonging the inevitable dissatisfaction of not getting what we want, or think we want.

Leading a fulfilling existence is, at present, nigh on impossible. It’s about time we admitted that and began to live, because, if we’re not careful, it might just pass us by.