Brasenose wants a tortoise

Brasenose JCR wants to shell out £200 for a College tortoise.

The decision to purchase the creature passed with a majority of almost 100 votes during Sunday’s JCR meeting.

Elli Thomas, who proposed the motion, said: “I don’t see the need for any justification for a tortoise beyond the fact that they’re awesome”.

Thomas said both College and tortoise will benefit from the JCR’s decision, and that a tortoise is a necessity for the College rather than a luxury

Thomas said she thinks a tortoise will raise the College’s profile with the University.

“Our cooperative environment would be conducive to tortoise prosperity”, Thomas said.

The JCR judged the £200 for tortoise acquisition a reasonable price to pay for qualification in the annual Corpus Christi Tortosie Fair. Eight college tortoises competed in last weekend’s race, which culminated in the victory of Corpus’s own Bishop Fox after accusations of cheating.

JCR members said a pet tortoise could help relieve pressure from the College’s gardening staff, given the fact that the shelled reptiles would eat excess grass from the quad.

JCR Secretary Olivia Hesketh also noted that the famously long-lived pet would be in keeping with “the university’s obsession with anything aged and withering”.

College officials have yet to approve of the JCR’s decision.The JCR also needs to appoint a  “Tortoise Rep” before it can purchase the pet.

Initial reports said the JCR is considering naming the tortoise “Jeffrey”, although this will be put to a vote in the coming weeks.

JCR President Paul Gladwell said the tortoise purchase signals a crucial turning point in the College’s 500 year history.

“Needless to say, it’s an exciting time of change at Brasenose…”, Gladwell said.