CrystalBalls Week 5

So the domestic season has drawn to a close and nothing remains but the lower division play-offs and the small matter of the World Cup.

This week, the team turn their gaze on all and sundry in a desperate attempt to recover a rapidly diminishing reputation.

Stephen Bush: England to beat Mexico 3-0
With the quality of players in the England team, with the likes of King, Defoe, Huddlestone and Lennon, expect Mexico to recieve a thrashing compelled by a Spurs surge.

Steve Dempsey: Klitschko to beat Sosnowski in rounds 7-9
This will be brutal. A dead cert and probably a dead Sosnowski as well.

Sam Rabinowitz: Swindon to beat Millwall at Wembley
An important game for both teams striving for the Championship. God will intervene and save the higher tier from the plight of Millwall and the Den.

Steve Dempsey: Lance Armstrong to win the Tour de France
» 8/1
Another year, another drugs scandal in cycling, but don’t expect Lance to take his eye off the ball, even after a tumble in the Tour de California.

Holly McCluskey: Schumacher to win Turkish Grand Prix
He’s been warming up so far this season, and I tip him to retake his former glory in Turkey.