Food delivery for £1

Ever had a hankering for a Mission burrito or a Big Mac hamburger but haven’t been able to make the trek to city centre?

If so, a new restaurant delivery service set up by an Oxford finalist may be just the fix for you.

Want-It-Delivered will deliver food from local restaurants to students for a flat fee of £1 within three miles of city centre. No minimum order will be required, and the service will deliver to both on- and off-college locations.

The service will hold a 2 week trial run from June 10th, with food from Gourmet Burger Kitchen, KFC and other outlets available for order. Students will be able to order online at and pay by cash, credit card or PayPal. The full service will launch in October.

Anne-Marie Imafidon, a Keble College finalist in Maths and Computer Science, said she got the idea for the service after noticing an oversight in many Oxford restaurants’ service.

“Every now and then, I don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to walk up to Cornmarket or High Street to get food, but not that many restaurants have takeaway deliveries. I saw a gap in the market,” she said.

Seven restaurants have so far expressed interest in the service, while talks with others continue. More than 300 students responded to Imafidon’s initial requests for feedback on the service, with many giving positive responses.

Rebecca Wong, a postgraduate student at Christ Church, said: “I think it’s a good idea. I am not a takeaway person but if I know I can have my favourite food delivered to me, I may be ordering more.”

Restaurants were similarly receptive to the service, although some said they would wait to see the service’s feasibility before joining it.

Chris Raudach, the manager of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, said: “We get a lot of takeaways, so I think it’s a pretty good idea that can work. But we’ll have to sit down with our head office and make sure that everything is set out to a high standard before we make a firm commitment.”

Imafidon has encouraged students to show interest in the service by joining a Facebook group  and completing a survey on the options they would like to see the service include.

Initial funding for Want-It-Delivered will come from A&M Consult, a web design company that Imafidon has been operating since 2006.

The delivery service is part of a new company, Avisami, that Imafidon is setting up, which will also include a fashion line and a marketing and print subsidiary.