Letters to the Editor


Dear Editors,

I am overwhelmed by the University’s decision to have variable fees and to lift the cap on tuition fees in the future.

This is an absolute disgrace. No one with a low income or from an underprivileged background will ever even consider for a second applying to Oxford if it is going to be the most expensive university in the country.

They can give out as many grants, loans and bursaries as they like: the fact is that the perception of the University will be highly negative.

The general public will regard it as a posh, elitist institution only for rich people and this will stop intelligent people applying to Oxford.

This is the beginning of the end for the University.

–Dana Graham


Dear Editors,

I very much enjoyed the article about being a Northerner in Oxford.

I myself come from Leeds and can identify with all the different problems your author from the North (Northor?) came across.

My accent seems incomprehensible to the Southern ponces who surround me, who either don’t understand me, or proceed to make fun of my alien dialect.

But if I dare as much to suggest anything negative about London or the sacred Home Counties, I am shot down faster than the Piccadilly Line.

I have had enough of Southern pride and would like the entire student body to walk the gritty streets of the North and realise their beauty.

–Henry Martin

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