Live Reviews: Week 5

The Mountain Parade

The Cellar

Rating: 4/5

“I love all underwater creatures” said The Mountain Parade’s Roxy as she stood unassumingly beneath the bunting of SundayRoast.

Her pensive aside prefaced an upbeat rendition of “The Squid And The Whale” where the plaintive choruses gave way to stirring trumpet melodies.

As the audience swayed amidst free cake, meticulously crafted paper monsters and knitted hats, the cello and ukulele gambolled through the air to greet a greatly uplifted crowd.

The night was marketed as a “launch special” but The Mountain Parade clearly stole the show from the entertaining but slightly lacklustre Turn Again Lane songs and the ill-chosen Sweepstake Tombola whose harder, more angry, sound sent droves of regulars to the scrabble boards and Sunday papers.

But the night’s emphasis on craft and quirk insisted, as ever, on ineffaceable folk-induced reverie.

–Baz Lennox


Jericho Tavern

Rating: 3/5

Vancouver rockers Japandroids have a raucous and energetic sound, which was positively thunderous within the Jericho’s cosy musical den.

Frontman Brian “sexy-in-a-Side-Show-Bob-kindof- way” King owned the stage with his acrobatic charisma and natural rapport with the crowd, whilst drummer Dave Prowse pounded out fast, haphazard beats.

Their set was unpolished with a quick and dirty garage rock aesthetic. King’s fuzzy, layered distortion on the opening “Boys are Leaving Town” was a definite and welcome nod towards the overdriven distortion of My Bloody Valentine, minus the introspection.

The set culminated in the post-adolescent crowd-pleaser “Young Hearts Spark Fire.”

The Vancouver boys had a coherent, if repetitive set list but overall the gig was lively, fast and loose.

–Victoria Randall