Overheard at Oxford Uni: Week 5

French Girl: “Excuse me, where is ze university..
Don: “Thinking of applying are you?”
Be very careful who you talk to, tourist.

Overheard in an IT room.
Bloke 1: “Ever shagged your missus at work?”
Bloke 2: “Nah, but I sucked her tit.”

Young man outside KFC, Cornmarket: “So what’s your background?”
Girl : “You mean, like, on my mobile?”

Two tourists looking into All Souls college: “Oh my goodness! There’s actually two people in there!” “It’s like looking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and seeing an oompa loompa!”
We wish it was a chocolate factory – so much more useful.

“What’s a Brasenose?”
We’ve been asking that since 1509.

A highly studious LMH Fresher: “I’m afraid I must cancel our 12pm tutorial today. It seems that, despite having had 8 weeks to do so, I have not started either of the two essays due.”

Possible gender confusion in a queue for a ball: “There’s always some twat in a kilt”.