Retro: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

“Sabrinaaaa” Spellman still lives on in the hearts of many people around the world as the gem of Nickelodeon.

Who could forget her kooky aunts Zelda and Hilda, or the puppy-eyed Harvey Kinkle, the heartthrob of the series?

A more cootie-fuelled, American precedent of Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was essential after-school viewing.

From the first episode featuring a 16-year-old Melissa Joan Hart floating in the air, many of us were hooked for the next seven seasons of ups and downs in the young witch’s life.

The show’s merchandise which included the film Sabrina Goes to Rome, a 52-book series, and some rather dodgy computer games.

It was a magical series that showed us all that high school (or secondary school in our case) became a lot more complicated when a talking cat and magical powers were involved.

Several brilliant characters remain with us to this day: Libby Chesler, the most popular girl at school, Mr Kraft; the annoying vice-principal; and Roxy, an anti-social feminist.

Salem Saberhagen, a 500-year-old wizard in cat’s clothing, was always a personal favourite due to his prolonged obsession with achieving world domination.

With each new season came different opening credits, new hair colours and a new 90’s fashion craze; but the cheesy theme tune and upbeat ethos always remained the same.

It may not have been the most innovative television series, but whether in high school, Massachusetts or Rome, Sabrina was there to lift our spirits and remind us of the eccentricities of life, injecting a little magic into our rather more mundane reality.