The Librarian: Week 5

White tie comes before a fall

Oh hacks.

So chaotic in their political allegiances, love lives, morals and general humanity.

Yet so efficient when it comes to the sartorial world.

One particularly optimistic member of Standing Committee with designs on the Secretary’s throne has already splashed his cash on a crisp, new white tie suit in anticipation.

Might the Librarian kindly remind this dreamer that before one swans around the chamber in a new suit, one must hack, lie, squander, purge, weep, steal, beg and pillage, i.e. win a Union election.

Good luck.

All’s unfair in love and war

Not as volatile as winky or as adorable as Popvid, the old generation of slate couples is over.

This season, it’s all about Les-Dick (that’s Beth Cradick, Univ, and James Lester, Hertford).

Their crusade in life: to show the uglier hacks just how PDAs should be done.

Though as members of Zara’s slate start to fall in love with each other (electoral gains and sex), Langman and his team continue to fall in love with themselves (less sex, hopefully).

This librarian notes that chamberlain seems lonelier.

No worries, he’s always got his tortoises to fall back on.

Bombay screams

Well – not exactly screams, but a lot of confusion and irritation.

Which is the same as blood-curdling yelling when viewed in the context of the Union’s cosy Oxford bubble.

Unlucky Zara’s ball went a little balls-up (yes, ladies and gentlemen, yet another example of the Librarian’s devastating wit) when the fire alarm went off.

Four times. Perhaps this was engineered to suggest the building’s reaction to the dusty heat of long summer nights in Mumbai. Or maybe it was dodgy caterers.

This Librarian was a little too tipsy to notice either way.