Brief Encounters: Week 6

To the blonde boy walking down high street in pyjama trousers, I’d take you back to bed. From the similarly blonde girl xoxo

Maths lecture girl please!, I know you know who I am and ignoring me won’t help; my love for you is like a concave up function, it’s always increasing  xx

To the girl in the SSL trying to revise french
, voulez-voux coucher avec moi ce soir? From the engineer to your left

To the girl in the health food shop, they didn’t have the raisins you wanted but I can offer you a date? xox

To the white t-shirt clad guy in BabyLove,  you may have been too sweaty for some but I’d love to run my hands over your glistening body. You know who I am x

To the hot biologist, If you were a squirrel I’d definitely store my nuts in your hole xxx


Gutted you missed your chance with that girl whose smile kindled flames of passion in the Bod?

Genuinely lost the number of the guy you got off with in the corner of Park End?

The Oxford Student can help!

Email with a description of your lost potential love.

(No stalkers please.)