CrystalBalls Week 6: World Cup

It’s the biggest event in the sporting calendar! A feast of fun, thrills, spills and chronic underachievement for England! Let’s see if the OxStu team can at the least turn a profit in South Africa.

Stephen Bush: England to finish second in Group C
Hesitant against Mexico, and reliant upon own goals to triumph against Japan, expect England to struggle against the USA, blow a lead against Algeria, and have a blank day against Slovenia.

Steve Dempsey: Nicklas Bendtner to score the winner in the World Cup Final
After an underwhelming season with the underwhelming Gunners, Bendtner will rise like the proverbial phoenix with the World Cup winning goal…probably a tap in or a bundle over the line.

Sam Rabinowitz: France to go out in the group stages
Woefully inept in qualifying, relying on that handball to get past a superior Ireland. Expect France to come a cropper in the group stages.

Josh Davis: Robin van Persie to get the Golden Boot
» 22/1
The skilful Dutch master is painfully underrated at 22/1.  Shades of Bergkamp in 1998?

Holly McCluskey: USA to reach the finals

Tom Rowley: Football to be the sport played at South Africa
“It’s soccer, right? That’s this year’s thing.”