Finalists denied compensation over “noise disruption” 


Finalists at St Peter’s College who asked for compensation after noise from building work disrupted their studies had their requests dismissed by senior college officials this week.

Students living next to the St Peter’s chapel complained to officials last week after construction on the building last week coincided with final exams.

Several finalists wrote a letter requesting reimbursement on their rent for the term after the inconvenience, but the claim was rejected after an open meeting between students and the college’s finance committee.

St Peter’s Bursar Richard Gordon said: “We discussed the claims for compensation in a meeting between the committee and the JCR president. Ultimately, however, we felt that they had no grounds to claim any money.”

Despite the college’s refusal to pay out over the disruption, JCR president Daniel Stone and the finalists affected by the construction work are running an appeal against the decision.

“The original claim was rejected, but at the minute we’re appealing the decision and hoping to resolve the issue so all parties are satisfied,” the JCR president said.

Stone continued: “Also, there’s the issue that if one staircase gets compensation, then other staircases will also want compensation, which might affect the outcome.”

Students sympathise with the plight of the finalists. St. Peter’s undergraduate Jonah Lipton said: “I didn’t hear the noise myself, but I can see how it would disrupt revision for final exams. I support what the group who wrote the letter are doing and think it’s good they care about other people who have been affected.”

The emergency repairs had to be carried out on the chapel after loose roof tiles caused leaks, threatening the valuable church organ inside.

In reference to the bad timing of the repairs, the Bursar said: “Our hand was forced. We’ve never had to take action like this during exams before, but emergency repair work was needed.”

The matter is still unresolved, and the finalists are “in negotiations” with the college over the appeal.

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