Letters to the Editor

Dear Editors,

I read your article “The Day the Music Survived” to find Stuart Lee being quoted as saying that there was no university ban on Spotify.

This is in contradiction to the ICT guideline 4.1.0 which states “Spotify is a music streaming service. It relies on a peer-to-peer system for distribution of content, and its use is therefore forbidden on the University network” and also contradicts an e-mail I received from Richard Carpenter of the OUCS helpdesk.

I use Spotify at home, and We7 here in Oxford, but seeing all my friends using Spotify, e-mailed to ask why I shouldn’t as well, and whether it was for nothing that I gave up the functionality of Spotify?

What is the truth of the matter?  I don’t want to get involved any more, because I’m leaving this term, but someone should push for an across-the-board clarification of the issue.

–Tom Johnson


Dear Editors,

I was surprised by your news article which suggested that crime is falling in Oxford.

I certainly don’t see that this is the case, despite statistics and apparent police reports that suggest otherwise.

I am in my fourth year here, and never before have there been so many attacks on undergraduates in the city centre and Cowley combined.

I think it is important to stress that people are careful on the street, and don’t get complacent.

–Bob McAndrew