Underrated/Overrated: Pub Quizzes – Underrated


There has only been one time in my entire life when it’s been cool to have a picture perfect knowledge of Pokemon, and that time was last week.

It was the only time I’ve been glad to hear my friend shout jubilantly down the phone that he’s spent an entire train journey brushing up on his ‘Pokedex’, and the only time anyone’s ever been bullied for mixing up Articuno and Fearow (and thus losing us the round): it was my College Pub Quiz.

In a university full of competitive, self-proclaimed geniuses there’s nothing like an opportunity to pile into a bar and battle  it out over our ability to recognise children’s television theme tunes. When normally you never get the opportunity to pit your intelligence against the scientist next door, this is your chance.

On reflection, a pub quiz is the perfect pastime for the stressed Oxford student. Though we get tired of our reading, learning, and essay crisising for the rest of the week, we still enjoy a bit of casual geekiness – that’s why we’re here after all.

That’s why we’re proud of our Pokemon, our 1950s movies and our knowledge of obscure animal species; because it’s still slightly better than admitting we‘d get even more excited if the special round was on particle physics, circadian rhythms, or in my case the former British colonies of Africa.

But nobody else wants to listen to us ramble on about our sycophantic specialities, so the pub quiz is the best equilibrium to settle at in between.

It’s Harry Potter for the special round tonight. Best get onto Sporcle and have a quick warm up.

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