CrystalBalls Week 7: World Cup


And so it ends. This term’s team have been catastrophically off the mark  with many predictions and much of this can be put down to the Editors’ lack of guile. Let’s hope we can have some joy with these predictions over the Summer.

Stephen Bush: Hodgson to replace Benitez
Thank God Rafa has gone. Things really can’t get much worse for the Kop but I predict better times ahead with Hodgson as they replace Arsenal in the Big Four.

Steve Dempsey: Spain v Brazil in the World Cup Final
Admittedly, I’ve made some stupid bets this term but surely this is a dead cert? Even if we’d all rather England were in the final, the prospect of Villa, Torres and Fabiano all on the same pitch is pretty special.

Sam Rabinowitz: England to reach the quarter-finals
Oh dear. No Ferdinand, a creaking King and an uncapped Dawson do not make a recipe for success and though I’d be surprised if they stumbled in the very early stages, it will only take a draw with one of the larger sides to see England sent packing.

Josh Davis: Wayne Rooney to do the double
» 18/1
Do we dare to dream? Top goalscorer and World Cup winner would be a summer of dreams for Shrek, and for the rest of us too!

Holly McCluskey: Landon Donovan to win the golden boot

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