Guess Hugh came to Oxford?


New College students had their wishes granted last Friday when actor Hugh Grant joined them for a night out.

After attending an alumni dinner at the College, Grant accompanied students to the college bar.

There he was surrounded by a group of fans which one student referred to as a “harem”.

Grant chatted up students, ordered them Tequila shots, then invited them back to his old room.

Conal Grealis, a first year at New College, said: “I think it was good of him to come to the bar, since he was supposed to be wined and dined in the SCR. And he reacted fairly well to being basically bombarded with questions and plagued for photos.”

The group later moved to the King’s Arms pub. Grant spoke to some fans in the pub, but one of the bar staff said he “seemed more interested in the young girls, to be honest”.

Grealis added: “He was pinching bums and giving pet names to the girls he liked in particular, but was generally a good sport.”

Grant then agreed to a trip to the popular nightclub Wahoo, paying taxi fare and entry fee for himself and nine companions.

Among the group was a first year historian who said that Grant was “handing out the Wahoo tickets to the girls who gave him the best compliments.”

A first year Classicist from New College said: “(There was a) hilarious moment when somebody put on ‘Jump’ by Girls Aloud in the bar – he was notoriously resistant to doing that dance.” The song comes from the film Love Actually, in which Grant plays a newly appointed Prime Minister.

But the fun in Wahoo was short-lived. Grealis said: “[Grant] was obviously quite drunk, and didn’t last too long once we’d got there – apparently he had a meeting at 9 AM the next morning!”

This is not the first time that Grant has been spotted socialising with students.

In 2007, the Daily Mail reported Grant had been partying with female students in St. Andrew’s University. The newspaper printed pictures of Grant, appearing to show the actor in an intimate embrace with a 20 year old student.


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