Letters to the Editor


Dear Editors,

I found your article on charity volunteering last week, which declared PPH’s “significantly less likely to volunteer” an insult to the hard work of the students at St Benet’s, and indeed all PPH’s.

It is a shame that irresponsible reporting such as this can undermine the very good work many of our students do, at a time when we are trying to change our public image and improve our contribution to University life.

Last week we sent 8 people to the RAG Raid in Bath (incidentally, almost 20% of our JCR, enough to put us top of OxHub’s ‘Norrington Table’), are set to take part in a PPH Charity Sports Day and have recently appointed a dedicated RAG Team.

I invite Cherwell and OxHub to Benet’s to meet myself and our charity team, and perhaps put together a well-researched article which recognises the charitable work all PPH’s do.

–Chris O’Connor

JCR President, St Benet’s


Dear Editors,

I was just notified of your piece on the Oxford Student website.

Nonetheless, could you at least spell my name correctly? It is Vitus van Rij.

In addition, not having the time to shave does not immediately necessitate having a Hitler-esque mustache. If you would also still like to receive an extensive reply to the allegations made, I could forward you my response to the Daily Mail and Telegraph inquiry.

–V.C Van Rij