Pick of the summer: Grinderman


Grinderman 2

Mute Records


With Dig, Lazarus, Dig seeing the Bad Seeds embrace the garage rock of the likes of ‘No Pussy Blues’ one was forced to wonder what the future held for Nick Cave’s side project. What would Grinderman become if the Bad Seeds had become the new Grinderman?

Grinderman 2 suggests the band has decided to become a true rock band, with much of this album coming across like a pretention and boredom-free Zeppelin. Yet lyrically the subjects seem to have changed little with Cave returning to his favourite subjects of religion, death and sex, ‘Heathen Child’ being a song that would stand out on any Bad Seeds albums.

Yet this can hardly be a criticism. Who cares if the two bands are beginning to sound the same when the music and lyrics are as sparkling as they are here?