Overheard at Oxford: Week 0

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Arts student: “You’re not allowed to have sex with your step-sister.” Scientist: “No, because they’re a blood relation.”

In Radcliffe Square, small American child, repeatedly: “Daddy, are they all geeks here?”

A friend, after some champagne: “I’m NOT drunk – I can still talk legibly!”

“Apparently it’s bad form to have more photos than friends on Facebook.”

A tute partner; “At least my clothes are made by homeless people in the third world.”

Two very serious sounding tutors near the SSL…
Tutor A: You look very smart. Did you have a committee?
Tutor B: No, I’m wearing this tie because I spilt coffee down my shirt…

My tute partner, about the college ball: “I feel like Cinderella, except without the poor part”

People leaving the Turf:
Person 1: “Let’s go revise now.”
Person 2: “Or drink.”
Person 3: “Or both!”
All: “Yayyyy!”