Oxford Cubing Champion at European Championships


An Oxford student has been receiving recognition for his skills with a mathematical toy.

Fourth year Maths student Daniel Sheppard solved a Rubik’s cube blindfolded in 1 minute 14 seconds at The European Championships in Budapest last week. He was featured on BBC for his impressive cube solving skills.

Daniel has been cubing since age 18, competing in the U.K and Europe. He says the cubing world is “competitive but friendly” with cubers going on forums to exchange ideas and tactics. Even competition events are judged by fellow participants.

Although it is rare that contestants try to cheat, one precaution that judges do take is “to hold a piece of paper under the blindfold so you can’t peek.”

When asked about starting a cubing society at Oxford, Daniel said: “in hindsight I should’ve started one but I’m in fourth year now.”

The activity seems a solitary one, but Sheppard argued it is a very sociable world.
“The only downside is being labelled as a geek, but I do Maths so that happens anyway.”

Sheppard will be taking part in next month’s cubing U.K Open in Bristol.