Overheard at Oxford: Week 2

Two women in The Cellar:
Woman 1 (in complete seriousness): “But he’s not so much a player, as a rapist.”
Woman 2 (in a distant tone): “Yeah…”

Overheard while walking between high street and rad cam square:
“at some universities you can do degrees in Law…with Dance.”
The level of disdain in the last two words was amazing.

“First, you steal my sofa from my room and place it in the corridor, and then you tell me to take a shit in the middle of my room so that nobody would notice. NEVER PLAN AGAIN.”

Tour guide to her group: “And you will see, even on Sundays, students moving about the town wearing their gowns…”

From a hungover (and regretful) student on Turl Street.
“Well I was at Park End and it was dark so I thought he was good looking.” *Wistfully* “Everyone looks fit at Park End.”