Pick Of The Week: Pure Reason Revolution

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Pure Reason Revolution
Hammer & Anvil
Superball Music


Pure Reason Revolution not only throw in the kitchen sink, but the plumber sent to fix it too. Third album Hammer & Anvil continues in this fine tradition of sonic experimentation.

A delightfully confusing beast, it shimmies from glitteringly produced electro-rock (‘Valour’) to grinding seven minute grunge-prog epics (‘Open Insurrection’). Giddy vocal choruses burst out from amidst the riffs, retreating as quickly as they came. Quite frankly this band could release an album of Ghanaian tribal bongo covers and still best all challengers if they retained those harmonies. Seriously.

More importantly, album highlight ‘Blitzkrieg’ sounds like a choir of descanting ghosts having a lightsaber fight to Justice’s ‘Waters of Nazareth’, which is obviously awesome.