Pricks Of The Week


Kings Of Leon
Come Around Sundown


Oh God! The agony! Kings of Leon were hardly this generation’s Beatles, but they did once write the odd good song. One can hardly blame the band for sticking to the six million unit shifting formula of Only By The Night, but these songs would struggle to fill The Wheatsheaf, let alone the O2.

A key theme of the album is returning to your roots. This I know because the point is hammered home relentlessly, reaching its lazy peak with the drab faux-country of ‘Back Down South’. Yet it is far from the worst song on this album. Each and every song has its own unique take on the awful, from the abysmal attempt at ‘Use Somebody’ that is ‘Pyro’ to the-Drums-but-ten-times-worse of ‘Beach Side’.

This whole album is a study in crap, except maybe ‘The Face’. And for that one song Kings can have half-a-star. And be grateful for it.

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