Interview: The View


Remember The View? Well they’re back and they’re most certainly not still wearing the ‘Same Jeans’. I spoke to vocalist, Kyle Falconer about Mark Ronson, Their up and coming album, touring and their decision to drop producer Owen Morris.

Kyle described every previous gig in Oxford as “Mental” and personally guaranteed every show of their new tour would receive a “full performance”. Assurances aside, why come and see the View at the O2 Academy on the 26th of November?

Well, while their 2009 album Which Bitch? didn’t chart as well nor stir up such a media storm as Hats off to the Buskers it does offer a more sophisticated stance. Their debut album has become synonymous with the ‘landfill indie’ milieu of the mid-noughties, particularly their most famous track ‘Same Jeans’ (more of which later).

By contrast Which Bitch? is less obvious in direction, featuring strings, horns and woodwind. Overall, songs like ‘5 Rebecca’s’ seem to be begging for a stadium, in this way Owen Morris’ (former producer for the Verve and Oasis) influence is more apparent than their first album.

While still maintaining their frantic style, this album comes with chanted choruses and heavily reverberated guitars. Perfect for a band who, after having spent a long time recording, describe themselves as “desperate to get on the road”. Kyle reports that the newest album, which they’re still deciding on a name for, should be coming out in February, commenting that the rumours are true, they did finish recording in April and reportedly have spent the last few months mixing and choosing tracks.

Of the criticisms you could make of The View not being tight is certainly not one of them, having started playing together when they were only 14, front man Kyle thinks they’ve developed a unity and a method of ‘telling someone if they’re being a knob’.  Now with the new producer, the Killing Joke bassist, “getting drunk” isn’t the first priority, as with Owen Morris. This “more focused” approach is reflected in the fact they now have 30 tracks to choose from.

Though the set for each gig will be different, tracks from the new album will feature, along with songs voted for by their fans. Kyle revealed that the fans had surprisingly chosen many b sides and tracks such as ‘Up the Juncture’ and ‘Dance into the Night’, perhaps he was mistaken for commenting “people only come to see ‘Same Jeans’’.

Nevertheless, it’s a song that’s haunted them: “If we don’t play it, people demand it”, it’s most probable that it’ll be played at the Oxford gig but the View are emerging as a band with a lot more to offer. This is evident in Kyle’s work with Ronson, who he describes as a “really easy guy”. Despite being worried he’d ruined his chances by getting wasted with Mark the first night they met to record, the pair are still in contact having played the ‘Valerie’ cover and festivals together and now ‘The Bike Song’.

Another famous View coupling is with Paolo Nutini, who features on Which Bitch?, in a song called ‘Covers’. A strange choice of track but was due to Paolo’s request. While Kyle describes Nutini as “busy doing stuff”, a member of his band recorded the trumpets for the new album.

Overall, the View seem to be making a lineal progression from teen pop to a Scottish take on the Coral. The journey has been a rough one, but definitely one worth keeping both eyes firmly on.

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