Overheard at Oxford – Week 4

A couple at the bar at Bookbinders:

Person 1: “Or they could milk a CAT!”

Person 2: “Omg yes! Cat cheese!”

Barman (with complete confidence): “Nah, that’s animal cruelty, or something.”

Student walking to tutorial- “He’ll be sorry when I have to sell my body for a dictionary…”

A second-year maths student: “I like working while drinking, because maths involves doing weird stuff and I do weird stuff when I’m drunk.”


Lecturer: “Don’t bother looking at the clock, if it starts going backwards, I’ll stop, and we’ll all take a look.”


Tour guide on Catte Street, pointing at Hertford College: “Now here they don’t have a prison or an execution chamber”

An American student on Gloucester Green:

‘I’m not a rapist, I’m just a really good dancer…leave me alone!’