Formalising: St Catherine’s


Having been to formal hall at St Catz before, I knew what to expect and was looking forward to it.

The chicken wings for starter achieved the balance between comfort food and beautiful appetizer perfectly; garnished with just the right quantity of salad. For the main course I went for the vegetarian option, it isn’t particularly common for me to turn down steak but I cannot resist vegetable curry. It lived up to expectations beautifully, with decent quantities of sauce, a variety of vegetables and lots of lovely fluffy rice.

Having been told that the dessert was going to be vanilla ice-cream, I was pleasantly surprised when a good chunk of gooey chocolate cake decorated with flaked almonds was placed in front of me. I was also appreciative that this was accompanied by a teaspoon, my utensil of choice when a dessert is so good that I want to eat it as slowly as possible.

After a packed day of zooming around between lectures and tutorials, the food suited my mood perfectly. The ethos of Catz hall food seems to be an unpretentious, yet quality spin on classic student grub. The meal was comprised of food that I would cook for myself; curry and cake are regular culinary staples for me and my housemates. This was definitely not a bad thing though. The standard was brilliant, the price was well worth it and it was an enjoyable experience.

If I was a student at the college I would probably go every day. St Catz manages to capture the atmosphere of any Oxford formal, which I think must be difficult to do considering the relatively recent establishment of the college meaning a lack of characteristic creaky benches and old wooden beams.


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