Pullman to speak at Oxford children’s literary festival

Award winning children’s authors and illustrators will be coming to Oxford this week to speak on how to inspire a love of reading in the next generation.

On November 13 the Oxford Children’s Book Group will host a conference on children’s literature at the Oxford University Press building on Great Clarendon Street.

Despite being a conference on children’s literature, the upcoming event is intended only for adults. Moira Da Costa, Chairman of the Oxford Children’s Book Group, said the event is the “biggest in our calendar, allowing us to discuss how to encourage children to read more”.

Among those expected to speak at the event are Philip Pullman, author of award winning His Dark Materials trilogy, Mary Hoffman, author of Amazing Grace and Stravganza, and illustrators Layn Marlow and Sarah McIntyre.

Da Costa expects the conference to attract a diverse audience, comprised of students, teachers, librarians, writers and parents.

Theresa Kevorkian of St. Catherine’s College said, “I am very excited that this will be happening in Oxford. I was an avid reader as a child, and think that we should be helping children develop a love for reading, especially in an age where they can easily choose to play a video game or watch television instead.”

The Oxford Children’s Book Group has been organising events for the community for over a decade. The group’s mission is to promote a love of books from a young age and tries to get books into the hands of the poor.