Life Of Brian


Brian Eno
Small Craft on a Milk Sea


On Congratulations MGMT jealously claimed that they were always one step behind Brian Eno.  On the basis of his latest album it is apparent that actually Eno is miles ahead of those kerazy kids.

Released on that institution of electronica, Warp Records, Small Craft on a Milk Sea is a sparse record that floats by rather majestically, hanging together as a single piece of art. Where it fails to do this is with tracks like ‘Paleosonic’, which feels like being smashed out of a hypnotic reverie with an anvil. By contrast the title track may well be one of the most beautiful ways to spend 110 seconds, evoking the magnificent second side of Low.

For those who are only aware of Eno as the producer of behemoths like Coldplay and U2 this may seem odd. but for anyone who truly appreciates electronic music this album is a must.