New Band Of The Week: Filligar


Sounds like: If The Rolling Stones were still relevant this is what they would be like.

In a nutshell: The three Mathias brothers and a childhood friend made their own rock band in Chicago.

Best song: ‘Guilty Good Intentions’ proves that there is still some mileage left in this whole  rock’n’roll music thing.

‘Fun’ Fact: Filligar have actually been going since 2000 and have released over 80 songs. Perhaps you might think this suggests they aren’t very new. But they did send us a copy of their new album with a handwritten-note. So there.

Live: Pete Mathias is currently studying here so you could see him ‘live’ in any of the following locations: Tesco, The Cellar, Park End and the Rad Cam. We cannot guarantee he will perform.

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