Which came first, the chicken or the Clegg?


Nick Clegg was due to speak at The Oxford Union yesterday, but like Vince Cable before him, he cancelled his visit.

Jim Cranshaw from Oxford community group Save Our Services organised a lunchtime protest in association with Oxford Education Campaign and No Cuts Oxford outside the Lib Dem offices. Protestors dressed in yellow or as chickens to draw attention to the Lib Dems having “chickened out” of facing the electorate.

Cranshaw said: “The Lib Dems got elected on promises they haven’t kept. They made false promises and they’re too yellow to come here. They should face us and be answerable for this U-turn on their election manifesto.

“They made a solemn pledge not to increase student fees and they made a promise not to cut public services. We are doing this chicken protest to highlight how they have chickened out of all the things they promised the electorate.”

One jobseeker and recent graduate, who wanted to be named only as Will, said: “I’m living on the breadline. I couldn’t even afford to go to the protest in London, but we wont stop until something changes. They can’t get away with this. We will be protesting again next Wednesday.”

Several police were on hand asking some protestors for their details, taking photographs and filming all those involved in what seemed like an overly cautious approach to what was a small and peaceful protest.

PHOTO/Devesh Mistry

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