Overheard: week 7

Student Life

“Just because I UNDERSTAND
binary doesn’t mean I SPEAK in it.”
Alas, the worst has happened: an Oxonian has found something they are incapable of.

On High Street, a kindred spirit: “Time for a midnight Freddo.”
Caramel or plain?

Posh student in Tesco: “I’m not yet far enough into term to lower myself to the Reduced section”. But if you’re posh, why are you in Tesco at all? Head to M&S, pronto.

Someone on Turl St – “I’m too rich to know what you are talking about.” Social equality hits the ground running in Oxford, evidently.

“Stop bingeing on brioche!” “But I study French! I’m allowed!” Linguists have the best excuses to gorge, no quibbles there.

A male physicist in the computing lab, in a very loud voice: “Actually, I prefer dick.” Experiments just aren’t riveting enough these days, are they?

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