St Peters outfoxed … Boom boom!


The students might not be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning, but one new resident certainly is.

Over the past week, a fox has been spotted around the grounds of St Peter’s College.

The fox does not seem to be causing any problems and no action is currently being taken to move it away.

But students at the college have been told to inform Little Foxes Wild Orphan Care if any issues arise and the fox would then be removed. If it enters any buildings, the students have been told to try to shoo it out with a plastic bag or simply to ignore it until it leaves itself.

There have been no reported cases of it entering a building or approaching any members of the college yet.

The students seem to be positive about it, with one describing it as “quite harmless and simply amusing”. Some have even spoken about feeding it, but this has not been encouraged by the college.

A porter of the college has said that “the fox has been seen during the past few nights”, and there does not seem to be any attempt to move it.

It is unknown where the fox has come from.

But foxes are not as rare as they may at first seem. It is estimated that there are about 300 000 foxes in the UK. Up to about 50 000 of these live in urban areas. Since they usually keep away from humans and are rarely active during the day, sightings are rare.

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